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Maine Aam Aadmi Nahin Hoon

Delhi and almost the whole TV watching, Facebooking nation is in the throes of a debate around the Aam Aadmi Party. Whether for or against it doesn't matter. Atleast for a change cricket, Bollywood and the neighbour's daughter/son has been forgotten as we congregate to discuss the latest news on Kejriwal, Bharti and Birla. 
In the given atmosphere the fact is that I am again and again getting over excited and asking people questions they feel are silly, too bookish and not in tune with the day or time at all.
All this made me do a self analysis and figure out why I couldnt think like the majority of my country men and be able to ignore the crass, illegal behaviour and manners of the self styled leaders of the 'common man'.
I finally arrived at the conclusion that I AM NOT A COMMON MAN.
let me tell you how:
1) I dont try to save on taxes and am quite proud of my ability to pay a certain amount of tax as I feel it will somewhere help my country progress
2) I dont overta…

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