A Decade worth of Miracles


Dear Darling Rintupotash,

Happy Birthday!!!

My very first 'Home Production', you turn 10 years today. Feels like yesterday, when you were this little baby the nurse handed over to me, and yet you are now nearly as tall as me and wearing the same shoe size.

Growing up is full of pangs, worries, and fears and you have had your fair share of it all this past year, for no fault of yours. The separation from your best friend and the many tears you have shed for her pierced my heart too, but I was helpless. Covid too didn't help matters and cooped you up indoors for months on end. Your little brother (who thinks of you as the ultimate ideal) can also be quite a handful and more than once has been the reason for you getting an undeserved scolding.

Of course, I don't mean to say that you are all innocent. You too have done your own fair share of naughtiness; choosing to watch youtube during classes, reading Harry Potter instead of doing homework, making Mowgli do your bidding, especially in regards to organizing permissions for chips, chocolates, and TV time. 

But we have to admit 2020 has been an extraordinary year the world over and the fact that we have as a family managed to survive through it all without any major mishaps. We need to thank God for that. This year you have been able to connect with Barfi bhaiya and J didi and despite the restrictions, we did manage to go on a trip to Mussourie as well. 

Now that we are almost ready to shift to Greater NOIDA I know for sure that you will make an honest attempt to make loads of friends at both your new neighborhood and school.

So as you step into a new year (your first-ever double-digit!!!) I wish you loads of friends, fun, flavors, adventures, books, hobbies, and dreams. 

I hope to see you grow into a compassionate, honest, hard-working young lady, who is a delight to be with. And I want you to always remember that you are totally loved and cherished. 

Happy Birthday once again! 

Happiness always!

Love you loads!


P.S: I am totally proud of your decision to celebrate your birthday at an orphanage this year.


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